About us

Established in the year 2000 by Mr. Sunil Jadhav and Mr. R. J. Lahoti, Karan Developers had humble beginnings. But as they say, the journey to great achievements begins with a single step. With sheer dedication to continuously develop innovative concepts, without compromising on principles of quality, Karan Developers became a budding name in the realm of real estate with each growing year. ‘Trust and Timely Delivery’ became hallmark of Karan Developers, which, till date, is the driving force for each member of the group.

Today, Karan Developers prides over its accomplishment of delivering more than 20 residential and commercial projects, over 2500 flats and most importantly, a big family of satisfied customers. Our goal has always been to provide good quality, efficient and affordable homes to customers. We practice honesty, transaction transparency, in all our activities and strive to deliver quick possession, because we understand the value of your investment and the dream of ‘Your Own Home’.

Karan Developers has always valued the ecosystem by invariably contributing towards its enrichment. We incorporate tools like water harvesting, recycling and solar panels in our ventures in order to improve our green footprint. We diligently maintain lush plantations around all our projects. Our experienced architects make efficient use of resources by adhering to ‘no national waste’ policy for every project. Karan Developers is actively involved in social ventures and the recent example of one such undertaking is ‘twenty2yards’- an advanced cricket coaching facility for children, youngsters and aspiring professional cricketers.

Board of Directors

Sunil Jadhav

Mr. Sunil Jadhav

(B.E. Civil)

Mr. Sunil Jadhav completed his Civil Engineering with distinction in the year 1984. Subsequently, he was recruited by Shirke Construction Company for their overseas projects in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Jadhav worked there for five years as a Civil Engineer and learnt advanced construction techniques which were not yet operational in India. In 1990, he returned to India and started undertaking independent projects as a contractor by partnering with renowned RCC Designer and Structural Consultant from Pune, Mr. G. A. Bhilare.

Mr. Jadhav always believed in innovation and integrity. He started implementing the knowledge gained from his overseas experience into his projects. His exceptional engineering skills, dedication and the desire to create something new was visible in every venture. Being a civil engineer himself, Mr. Jadhav adhered to the best of engineering ethics, never compromised on quality and gave personal attention to every project. After 10 years of in-depth market experience and analysis of Indian real estate segment, Mr. Jadhav decided to start his own company. In 2000 Karan Developers was inaugurated and from there on, Mr. Jadhav successfully maneuvered the company towards becoming one of the most trusted names in the realty sector.

Mr. R. J. Lahoti

Mr. R. J. Lahoti


Karan Developers was established Guided & Managed by Mr. R. J. Lahoti, an established Chartered Accountant.


To become the meridian of ‘Reliability’ and ‘Trust’, for the dreams of a better living, the hopes for a perfect abode and the search for utter serenity; by consistently adhering to values of innovation, tradition and performance.


To create architecturally correct, aesthetically sound, environmentally approving structures where life connects to a balanced state of living through fulfilled aspirations and unrestrained happiness.


A company having its origin rooted in the realty business; an elite infrastructure constitutes one of the important hallmarks of Karan Developers. We maintain a welcoming ambience for our customers, partners and visitors to furnish comforting experience right from the entrance. Every element is chosen, set aesthetically with attention to details to communicate our commitment to quality. Our priority, as always is providing our customers a memorable experience. Each member of our team from every department in the company sees to it that the experience is well delivered.


At Karan developers we have a dedicated legal department that handles all the legal property documents and contracts. The department ensures that every procedure is properly handled and maintained under Indian real estate laws. We are proud to have the best track record of fast and smooth transitioning of society handover procedures which ultimately leads to our goal - customer satisfaction.

The Accounts department anchors the company’s financial affairs with diligence. Their role in looking after the revenue, payroll, reporting, financial control and inventory management, accounts for the most important measurement tool of the company’s entire operation.

Project Management
Our project management team focuses on managing every intricate step of every project undertaken by Karan. From planning and organizing the project to controlling resources, procedures and protocols for successful project completions, the team skillfully executes every task.

The backbone of the organization, our admin department maintains an efficient and error free flow of information between departments and ensures that all projects and activities work seamlessly.

Karan Developers houses a team of experienced Engineers who are constantly designing and developing new and innovative designs that incorporate modern, state-of-the-art technology into residential and commercial projects.

Sales & Marketing
Our Sales & Marketing team is committed to offer properties at the most economical prices in relation to their location, while still featuring a plethora of modern amenities and comforts for customers.

‘Quality’ is an integral aspect at Karan Developers

Every member of our team is on a continuous mission of delivering customer satisfaction

We contrive,
To channelize our knowledge and skills into building reliable structures of high caliber
To apply best in class construction processes by constantly updating our technical competence
To discover opportunities of improvement and act upon it in order to provide topnotch services

We will nurture a healthy work environment; encourage team spirit and contribute towards employee welfare